Welcome to the Little Owl website

The Little Owl website was originally designed as an online presence for a candle-making hobby.  This had evolved over a couple of years to include holding candle-making workshops for small and large groups of people, and making and supplying an esoteric bookshop with candles for ritual and magical use.

Over the next ten years interest grew exponentially, and at one point I was making around 1,000 candles a year in response to requests from people who wanted high- quality, hand-made candles.  Around the same time I realised that simply charging to cover my costs was not enough, and I had to make the choice as to whether to try and run this as a profit-making business, or cut right back and have a life.

I chose the latter.

Now the website merely reflects some of the things I enjoy doing and am interested in and have studied or experienced.  The range is wide and varied, and includes conservation work, crafts of different kinds, the esoteric and spiritual, alternative and complementary therapies, and literature of all kinds.  I write about what I know.

If you enjoy exploring this website, find any of the information useful, or would simply like to know more, please do contact me.